Frequently asked questions

Here you can find our frequenty asked questions :

Q: Can I buy your products online ?

A: Sure you can! using our website RootsBeauty-EG you can choose your favorite products and have them delivered right to your door!

Q: How to make a purchase/place an order ?

A: Simply add your favorite products to cart, Once you're done shopping hover the cart icon at the top right then click "Checkout", Provide the necessary info and proceed to payment (it’s super easy, we promise). 

Q: Can you provide more product information, For example on specific Ingredients?

A: All ingredients in every product are listed in full on our website. If you want more information on specific ingredients in a certain product, send us a message through our Contact page.

Q: Where can I buy Roots Beauty products ?

A: You can buy our products online as mentioned above or you are very welcome to visit our Point Of Sale at "El Noras Village No.9, Portsaid - Egypt"

Q: Can I get a product shipped to me ?

A: You surely can! your product is getting shipped right to the comfort of your house!

We've also provided you with the option to track your shippment to be able to know when exactly it will arrive!

Simple click on "Track Your Order" under the profile icon at the top right & Provide the invoice ID and you're all set.